Interhall Football at Notre Dame
Siegfried Fans Rush the Field after Winning the Champioship in 2009
The popularity of the league spans past just the players.  There are several intramural sports on campus that consist of its players only and no fans.  The championship of interhall football in Notre Dame Stadium drew several hundred fans and each game of the season usually had near 100 fans.  What follows is an account of several fans and their reasons for coming to Interhall football games:
  • Notre Dame Senior Betsy O'Neill: "The games were up close so it was easy to see all that was happening on the field.  I went to cheer on my friends,  several of which played for one team so it was fun to know the players and cheer for a team.  The games were on Sunday too, what is better than enjoying a warm fall sunday hanging out with friends watching your friends compete?
Notre Dame Seniors from left Katie Motto, Ann-Marie Woods, and Betsy O'Neill
  • Notre Dame Senior and South Bend Tribune Reporter Ann-Marie Woods: "Interhall football is a unique part of Notre Dame dorm life.  It was fun to watch my friends, who did not make the real football team compete at a sport that they love.  Along with Betsy [O'Neill] we acted like team moms and got oranges and drinks for the boys.
Notre Dame Senior Michael Urbaniak and Me
  • Notre Dame Senior and RA Michael Urbaniak: "I went to the games for fun.  Sure it was great to watch my friends play but the games were actually very entertaining and competitive.
Several Members of my Family in Custom Made Siegfried T-Shirts
My Family and the Road to a Championship:
The championship game is attended by hundreds of people.  Several of these people come from all over the United States.  During a return home to Louisville (5 hours away from South Bend) for Christmas Break, I met a man who had been at Notre Dame for the weekend and attended the championship game.  In total, I had 13 relatives come to the game.  Two came from Des Moines, Iowa which is a 410 mile drive from South Bend.   Two others came from Cleveland, Ohio which is 250 miles away.  Both of them said that there was no way that they would miss an opportunity to watch their nephew play in Notre Dame Stadium, a place that my family has held sacred for years.  All 13 of my relatives and several friends were all dressed in custom made Siegfried shirts to show their support.  Several other players had parents fly in from all over the country such as Siegfried Captain Dex Cure's father from Colorado.